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How “Good Clean Eats” Works

Enjoying healthy, delicious meals has never been easier.

We offer chef driven meals that are made from scratch, packed with protein and have the nutrition facts & ingredients listed on the label so you know exactly what you’re putting in your body. Your diet is the most important part of achieving your goals.

✔️ Stay on track with weekly healthy meals.

✔️ Mix & match your favorite meals with the option

     to change your meals weekly.

✔️ Pause, edit, or cancel your plan anytime.

✔️ Best way to stay committed.

Choose Your Meals there’s a NEW Menu Every Week!

We’ll Cooke Everything for You; Meals are Fresh and Fully Prepared!

Deliver or Pick Up Meals Weekly; SKIP or CANCEL at any time!

Just Heat & Enjoy Meals are Ready to Eat  in 3 Minutes or Less!

We are a weekly meal subscription service minus the commitment!

  • That means that you can choose to receive meals every week or just choose the weeks you’d like!

  • We’ll be your Personal Chef and Nutritionist!

  • All your meals are specifically designed to use only the best healthy ingredients, be truly convenient, and help you live your best life!


Frequently Asked Questions

No Contracts or Minimums
There are No Contracts or Recurring Payments with Good Clean Eats; You Order Weekly based on what items and how many you want and will be invoiced based on your Individual Order.  Should you wish to order this week, but not next NO PROBLEM just jump back in when you are ready.
Can I customize each meal if I avoid or don’t like certain ingredients?
You are always able to select which meals you’d like on our new menu each week (6 new meals every week) and we make sure to list the ingredients for you on the meal selection form so you can make always make an informed decision and select which meals you want or don’t want each week. Ingredients are also on the label, which is attached each meal, and you can always email us at if you have any questions. At this time, we’re not able to customize each specific meal, but we have many clients who avoid certain ingredients and they simply choose other dishes that exclude those ingredients. Additionally, you’re always able to skip a week if you don’t like a particular week’s menu as well. We try to keep it flexible
How many servings is a meal?
Our meals are prepared as a single serving and are packaged individually so that you can easily grab a prepared meal to take to work for lunch or you can also enjoy them for dinner with your partner or family too. The best part about it is that all of our meals are nutritionist-approved and we use high-quality nutrient-dense ingredients so you never have to worry about overeating!
Do you have nutritional information for each meal?
All of our meals will contain ingredient lists as well as nutritional data and will typically range from about 300 – 450 calories per dish, but our focus is always on nutrient-dense whole foods first. Our belief centers around making sure all of our meals are made with nutritious ingredients rather than calorie counting, and that the calories in our meals are coming from healthy sources of whole real foods like vegetables, nuts, proteins, whole grains and legumes.
How many meals can I choose from each week?
Every week we have 6 new meals & 6 new smoothies on our menu for you to choose from. Feel free to mix and match or order as many as 5 of any one dish! My goal is to design the menu to make sure there is a variety of different cuisines and flavors each week, so you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be enjoying interesting new dishes all the time. In addition, we plan to expand the number of selections available on our weekly menu over time.
How long will my meals stay fresh? Can I freeze my meals?
All of our meals are made fresh every week, and because we never use any artificial preservatives, we recommend that our clients eat their meals within 5-6 days of delivery, though some of our meals will last longer than that. Of course, we always suggest that you trust your instincts as well. To make it even easier for you, we will also mark the meals that are best enjoyed in the earlier part of the week. In addition, if you’re really unable to eat all of your meals within the given time frame, you can to freeze them if you’d like. However, we don’t typically recommend freezing the meals, due to its impact on quality, but we understand if it is necessary at times.
Pick Up/Delivery
Pick up 5-8 PM Sunday evening or delivery available on Monday evening for additional delivery cost ($10 for 10 mile radius from my Jenison, $20 for 11-20 mile radius from my home).
Packaging and Labels
All Meals/Smoothie will include a detailed list of all ingredients as well as Nutritional Data/Macros.  Additionally all Meals/Smoothies will include a link for a detailed Printable PDF Recipe Card should you wish to try and make this item on your own in the future.

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