House Democrats in red districts who voted for the House resolution setting rules for the Trump impeachment inquiry are already under attack after a political action committee dedicated to boosting Republicans launched a digital ad campaign Thursday.

  The Congressional Leadership Fund saidin a statementthat it had targeted 29 vulnerable Democrats with ads that will appear when constituentssearch for impeachment-related terms online. Those ads will redirect to a website with a petition titled: Tell your member of Congress: Stop Impeachment Now!

  The Democrats are so blinded by their personal hatred of President Trump that theyre willing to sacrifice all work on the issues voters care about, just to have one last shot at removing him from office to avenge their 2016 loss, said CLF President Dan Conston.Now that theyve cast their votes in favor of marching headfirst into impeachment, vulnerable Democrats have shown voters there is zero difference whatsoever between them and the radical leftists fighting tooth and nail to impeach this president.


  The House of Representatives passed a resolution Thursday settingrules for thepublic phase of the impeachment inquiry Democrats have been pursuing into President Trump. A complaint from an anonymous whistleblower and testimony from other administration officials has indicated that Trump pressuredthe Ukrainian government toopeninvestigations that would be politically beneficial to his 2020 reelection campaign --notably into Joe Biden and his son, Hunter --while withholding nearly 0 billion in military aid.

  Democrats and others have accused Trump of trying to use the aid as leverage to get Ukraine to deliver the investigations.Trump and his defenders have said there was no quid-pro-quo -- aid for investigations -- with Trump describing a July 25 phone call in which he discussed the investigations, but not the aid, with Ukrainian President Voldomyr Zelensky as perfect.

  Conor Lamb, D-Pa.,who won his seat in a competitive 2018 special election, is one of the higher-profile Democrats targeted by the campaign. On Thursday, he said his vote for the impeachment rules resolution was simply to establish rules for the investigation and that he had not yet made up his mind if he would vote to impeach Trump.

  This resolution sets the rules for the upcoming hearings.I believe everyone benefits from clear rules, so I voted yes. I have not made any decision about impeachment, nor will I until all the evidence is in, he said in a statement. I do believe that Russia is a major threat to the United States in Ukraine and around the world, and our oath requires us to put our country first, always.

  The CLF provided an example of what one of the ads would look like with a screenshot of one ad aimed atAnthony Brindisi, D-N.Y. It appears as a search result with a hyperlink that reads, Anthony Brindisi| Just Voted For Impeachment| Hes with Radical Dems Not Us.


  Joe Cunningham of South Carolina, who won a nailbiter election in 2018;Lucy McBath of Georgia, who unseated former Rep. Karen Handel by two percentage points last year; andKendra Horn of Oklahoma, who announced she would vote for the impeachment rules resolution just Thursday morning, are some of the other notable Democrats under fire from the CLF after their impeachment votes Thursday.





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