Your Ultimate Guide to Nutrition Myths & Facts

There is so much “noise” in the wellness space, especially about nutrition. There are many reasons why so many nutrition myths are perpetuated.

  • The core elements of evidence-based nutrition are not seductive; for example, “eat your fruits and vegetables.” To craft more appealing messages for the broader public, nutrition messages may be overstated or inaccurately extrapolated from scientific evidence. Other messages are simply false.    

  • Many people who write, blog, post, and speak about nutrition do not have training in nutrition.  

  • Among people who are trained in nutrition and qualified to talk about nutrition topics, there are differences in how they interpret and explain some topics.  

  • Like all sciences, we continually learn more about nutrition through research. There’s still a lot we don’t know.

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  • Ten Nutrition Myths vs. Facts

  • Identifying “Red Flags”

  • Credible Nutrition Information

  • Nutrient-Dense Recipes

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